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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

October trail races in the Bay Area

see the full 2015 calendar here

The weather is turning fast and the heat wave of early September is fading fast. The trails are covered with a few extra leaves and we can finally go for a run without carrying 10 gallons of water with us! It's almost October and we have a really nice selection of races at every distance. I think a few of these are very close to selling out due to popular demand vs trail permit limits (Honeybadger!). Looks like PCTrails is re-branding their Stinson Beach event as the Eldrith Gosney Pure Ultra in honor of the 74 year old Bay Area trail running legend. REI (the retailer) is holding an event in Marin. The Sonoma Trail Marathon is an event I am unfamiliar with so if anyone runs this one I would love to here about it.


October 3rd- Pacifica Summit Run- 10k, Half Marathon, 30k, 50k- San Redro Valley State Park, Pacifica
October 4th- Montclaire 5k
October 3rd- Rocky Ridge- Ultra Half Series Championship, Half Marathon, 10k, 5k- Read my review from 2014
October 3rd- Sonoma Trail Marathon- Marathon, Half Marathon, 5k fun run
October 10th- Dick Collins Firetrails 50- 50mi
October 10th- Golden Hills Marathon- Berkeley
October 10th- Skyline to the Sea- Marathon & 50k-  Read my review from 2013
October 11th- Honey Badger- 5k, 10k, Half Marathon- China Camp State Park, San Rafael
October 17th- Los Vaqueros Tarantula Run- Half Marathon, 10k, 5k, Kids Scramble
October 17th- Oakland Hills Run- 35k, Half Marathon, 10k
October 17th- REI Run Series: Marin Headlands- 10k, 5k
October 18th- Coyote Ridge Trail Run- 50k, Marathon, 20mi, 10mi, 7mi
October 24th- Eldrith Gosney's Pure Ultra- 50k, 36k, Half Marathon, 11k

October 25th- Napa Wine Country Marathon, Half Marathon & 10k
October 31st- Zombie Runner Halloween Run- Marathon, Half Marathon, 5mi
October 31st- Stinson Beach Marathon, Half Marathon & 7 mi

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SF from space!

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September 2015 Trail Racing in the San Francisco Bay Area


September 5th- Zoom Point Pinole- Half, 10k, 5k
September 5th- Palo Alto Weekly's Moonlight Run- 10k, 5k
September 5th- TRAIL HOG- HALF MARATHON/10K/5K- Read my review from 2014
September 6th- Annadel Loop- 7mi- Annadel State Park, Santa Rosa
September 12th- Night Sweats- Marathon, 15k
September 12th- Fall Showdown- Half Marathon, 5mi, 5k
September 13th- Golden Gate Park Open Cross Country (part of PAUSATF XC GP)- 4mi
September 12th/13th- Headlands Hundred 100mi, 75mi, 50mi, Marathon- Marin Headlands, GGNRA
September 13th- Diablo Trail Run- 50k, Marathon, Half Marathon, 10mi, 4mi- Mt Diablo
September 13th- Whistle Punk Half- Half Marathon- Purissma Creek Redwoods, San Mateo County
September 14th- Lagoon Valley- 30k,Half Marathon, 10k, 5k, kids 1/2 mile
September 19th- DRAG-N-FLY -Half Marathon, 10k, 5k- Read my review from 2014
September 19th- Race4Life- 5k- Pleasanton
September 20th- Coastal 50k- Marin Headlands, GGNRA
September 20th- Garin Trail Running Festival- Half Marathon, 10k, 5k- Hayward
September 25th- Marin Moonlight Run- 5k, 10k - Hamilton Marshes, Novato
September 26th- Dipsea Hike for Zero Breast Cancer- 6mi- Marin Headlands, GGNRA
September 26th- Berkeley Trail Adventure- 50k, 35k, Half Marathon, 10k Read my review from 2013- Tilden Park, Berkeley
September 26th- Garin Park Cross Country Challenge- 5k- Haywatd
September 27th- Big Sur Trail Marathon, Half Marathon & 5mi
September 27th- Lindley Meadow Cross Country- 5K- San Francisco

Special Mention:
September 19th- Carmel Valley Trail 10k & 5k

Thursday, July 16, 2015

August 2015 Trail Racing Calendar for the San Francisco Bay Area

August Trail Races in 2015

See the full 2015 calendar here

Thursday, July 9, 2015

The Tick Trailblaze is just a few weeks away!
Click this link and use code SFTRAILS to get a discounted entry!!!

The Tick Trailblaze 5K/10K/Half (and Family Friendly 1K)

WHEN: SUNDAY, 8/2/15, Half Marathon starts at 9:15, 10K starts at 9:30, Family Friendly 1K & 5K starts @ 9:45
COST: 5K-$35-$50, 10K-$45-$60, HALF-$75-$90

Participant Perks

All participants receive a pre-race warmup from Sweat Republic SF, epic views, awesome trails, adventure, a shot at winning the ARM sponsored ‘Silver Shoe Challenge‘, fuel from Powerbar at aid stations, post-run beverages from Hint Water, SOS Rehydrate, beers from a local microbrewery, Crunch Culture Yogurt, snacks from Mamma Chia, peanut butter pretzels, M&Ms, post-run massage from PSOAS Massage/Bodywork, and more!
We’ll even have a band playing music at the end of the race to round out this family friendly trail party!
Family Friendly 1K runners receive a Tick Trail Blaze woodallion and a Sasquatch Racing Buff.
5K/10K runners receive a Tick Trail Blaze woodallion and a Tick Trail Blaze technical shirt.
Half Marathon runners receive a Tick Trail Blaze medal (that doubles as a bottle opener) and a Tick Trail Blaze technical shirt.
Take a peek at the medals (Half marathoners) and woodallions (1K/5K/10K runners)….
Tick medal 2015 Tick Trailblaze Woodallions 2015

Why is a Tick the event mascot?
We’re very fortunate to have The Bay Area Lyme Foundation as our race series sponsor. The Bay Area Lyme Foundation is committed to making Lyme disease easy to diagnose and simple to cure.
Lyme disease is the fastest growing vector-borne illness in the US.  It is an infectious disease caused by the bacteria Borrelia burgdorferi transmitted to humans by the bite of an infected backlegged tick. Most infections are caused by the nymphal form of the tick. These immature ticks are the size of a small poppy seed, allowing them to easily escape discovery.
Never done one of our races before? Check out the following video to get an idea of the awesome trails, epic views, and excellent people you will experience on race day!

Tune Up Run(s):

-The Tick Trailblaze Preview Run on 7/18 @ 10AM at Huddart Park in Woodside, CA.

Race Bib/Shirt Pickup Events:

TBDA Runner’s Mind (3575 Sacramento St.) in San Francisco, CA
TBD @ A Runner’s Mind(1111 Howard Ave.) in Burlingame, CA

Parking Procedures

There is a reasonable amount of parking at Huddart Park in Woodside. Bring cash to pay for parking. Please plan to arrive 30-45 minutes in advance to also guarantee a parking spot. Carpooling is recommended.

5k Run

10k Run

Half Marathon Run