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  • Running Madness- A documentary on the Western States 100 mile run shot in 2002!!! Know your roots homie. This is Scott Jurek, Tim Tweitmeyer, Ian Torrance, Ann Trason, Dean Karnazes, Catra Corbett. Legends and pioneers of awesomness.
  • Spirit of the Marathon- Free full length documentary that follows 5 distinctly different runners through the training process for (and the running of ) the Chicago Marathon with interviews of running legends like Alberto Salazar, Grete Watz, Dick Beardsley, Bill Rodgers & John Bingham interspersed throughout the film. Part 2 was in theatres for one night only June 12th 2013. Click here for more info.
  • Full length "Running for life" documentary on Kenyan runners preparation for the Olympics
  • Prefontaine starring Jared Leto as Steve Prefontaine
  • Steve Prefontaine Documentary: Fire on the track
  • Running on the sun. A documentary about running the Bad Water 135 in Death Valley
  • The 3000 mile men: A running documentary about running across the United States
  • Running to the Limits - Part 1: A four part series following a mans quest to go from the couch to an Olympic caliber runner in Britain.
  • 14,115 Feet: Pikes Peak Marathon Documentary  
  • PBS- NOVA- Marathon Challenge: A 1 hr documentary following 12 people from sedentary to marathon in 9 months.
  • Born to run: The secrets of the Kenyan Athletics: Former Irish athlete and 5,000m world champion Eamonn Coghlan travels to Kenya's highlands to uncover a little-known story - the role of Irish missionaries in securing Kenya's dominance in world athletics.

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 Podcasts are great for many reasons. Some are interviews with elite athletes that give you an insight on how they do what they do and others are average people doing extraordinary events and those are super relatable. I like to search the archives of these podcasts and listen to them when I can. I just came across this podcast featuring Dr Phil Maffetone. In it he thoroughly explains his heart rate based approach to training world class athletes. Really interesting for those who are looking to step up to the next level.