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I offer this advice to marathoners: When you're at Mile 18 or 19 and cooked, don't get trapped into looking for the next mile marker. Don't look for it. It's a Zen thing. Just blank out everything around you except the foot strike you're working on and just go.- Dean Karnazes
  • First Timers, Beginners, Novice Runners

    • Common race lengths: When somebody tells you about the marathon they ran over the weekend do not ask them "How far is that?" or when refering to the upcoming 5K you plan to run do not tell somebody "This will be my first marathon!". I hear this more often then one would think!
      • 5K- In Track & Field events it is refered to as the 5000 meters. In road races and cross country (trail) races the name is shortened to 5K (K=kilometers meaning 1000 meters). In miles that is 3.1 miles.
      • 10K- Same as the 5K only twice as long. This is the longest standard track event. In miles a 10K race is 6.2 miles long.
      • Half Marathon- Not a standard Track & Field distance nor an Olympic event but the most popular and fastest growing race distance in running. It is 13.1 miles long. Rarely you may hear it refered to as 21K
      • Marathon- Not a standard Track & Field distance but a very popular Olympic event. It is 26.2 miles long. Rarely you may hear it refered to as 42K
    • Common Ultramarathon race lengths.The literal definition of an Ultramarathon is anything beyond the Marathon distance. You will hear the term used to describe a variety of race lengths but the 4 standard distances that represent the vast majority of "Ultras" are:
      • 50K- This entry level distance is 31.1 miles
      • 50 mile- This distance is what many "elite" ultra runners consider as the bench mark for a person to be a "real" ultra runner.
      • 100K- The least common of the 4 common ultra distances this race is 62.1 miles.
      • 100 Mile- Although many races exist beyond this distance this is generally considered the pinnacle in ultra running distances and those that run these races are highly revered. Especially those who can run the distance in less than 24hrs. The elites will finish this distance routinely in sub 20 hour times.

For the most part, we exist in a numb, dead society. I’m doing my best to be alive and running in the mountains is the best way I’ve found to do that. And because I love the effortlessness that sometimes occurs while cruising down a cushy pine-needle singletrack or even while grinding up a switchback above tree line. I love how I can run up and into a mountain cirque or over a pass and be completely dwarfed and humbled by the sheer immensity and grandiosity of the landscape and I love flying down the other side with the breeze in my hair and the gravel in my shoes and the burning in my quads and the branches in my face and then when I'm finally all worn out there's nothing like peeling my shoes off and just sitting. Just being at rest. Running sharpens the focus on life and intensifies the emotions. Is there any better reason to do anything?- Anton Krupicka
"A strong core is critical to maintaining good form over long distances!"- an old Irish parable passed down from the ancient Druids (I think)

“Marshall Law.” 1. Expect a journey and a battle. 2. Focus on the present and set intermediate goals. 3. Don’t dwell on the negative. 4. Transcend the physical. 5. Accept your fate. 6. Have confidence that you will succeed. 7. Know that there will be an end. 8. Suffering is okay. 9. Be kind to yourself. 10. Quitting is not an option.- Marshall Ulrich
  • Cross Training for better trail running:

The one thing that separates ultra runners from other contributing members of society, and other athletes, is the ability to forgo all reason, logic, judgment, and fear and jump into the arms of certain pain solely on intuition and ambition.- Hal Koerner

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