Monday, November 9, 2015

Holy Krampus!!!! Running and beer and demons to boot!!!!

 The Krampus Cross Country 5K/10K and Micro Brew Fest is coming Sunday December 13th to the Presidio in San Francisco. The race start is near the intersection of Barnard/Fernandez. All participants receive a pre-race warmup, epic views, awesome trails, adventure, a shot at winning prizes during the race via thei trail treasure hunt, post-run beverages from Hint Water, SOS Rehydrate, beers from a local microbrewery, Crunch Culture Yogurt, snacks from Mamma Chia, peanut butter pretzels, M&Ms, post-run massage from PSOAS Massage/Bodywork, and more!

This one is pretty special as it is the very FIRST event Marathon Matt and Sasquatch Racing has produced in San Francisco! Matt has worked with San Francisco events and held numerous training clubs and fun runs around the city but all of his racing events have taken place outside of the city because of the difficulty in obtaining permits in SF. That alone is enough to get me out and support this race because Matt has done so much for the running scene in general in the Bay Area that I gotta support him in his first ever SF event.

I'm also pretty excited about the free massage and beer as well, lets not overlook that tid bit of info!

If you have 2 hrs to burn on Sunday morning come out and support Matt and the Krampus Cross Country Race in the Presidio. SFTrails has arranged for a $5 discount for the first 10 people who sign up at and use code JOHN at checkout.

Never done a Sasquatch Racce before? Check out the following video to get an idea of the awesome trails, epic views, and excellent people you will experience on race day!

I'll see you in the Presidio!!!!