Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sasquatch is growing in the Bay Area!

Sun, 4/26 @ Redwood Regional Park in Oakland
 Every year or two a new racing company sprouts up in the Bay Area and rarely do they stick around for more than a year or two (RIP NorCal Racing). Sasquatch has broke that trend by offering great routes on the classic trails of the area and creating a commnuity vibe amongst racers that is similar to what you feel at a Brazen Race. Sasquatch Racing has grown their loyal following race by race to where they now can invest some money back into the events they host starting with the Sasquatch Scramble in late April.

Big Change #1

Chip Timing!
 I recently ran a race with a long standing race company and among the MANY things they did not offer, timing was one of them. I don't mind if all you provide is a big clock at the finish but when you can't even do that I have to question if you realize the very nature of the sport you are working in. It's me versus the clock and you didn't bring the clock???? Sasquatch started out with a big clock and now they are moving into chip timing. THIS IS AWESOME. Sasquatch just moved up the list of my favorite companies to race with.

Big Change #2

Finishers Medals!

The 5k & 10k finishers at this years Sasquatch Scramble will receive the Woodallion and the Half Marathon finishers will receive the metal bottle opener medal.

I love my finishers medals but I have  A LOT!!! and that makes it difficult to display them all so I have started to only display the very cool and the unique medals (think Lynch Canyon's artistic style medals!!)  Matt Forsman (co-founder of Sasquatch) & company has really out-done themselves with these medals. I love the metal bottle opener and will run the upcoming Scramble just to get one. Afterwards I will be in the parking lot offering cash to any 5k or 10k finisher that doesn't want their Woodallion because I need a rear view mirror ornament for my new mini van. These new medals are keepers for sure. I have the 100th year Bay to Breakers, the Ultra Half Series finishers coaster, 2 handmade medals from Lynch Canyon, a few spinners and 1 click together medal for running the spring and winter US Half back to back (which can never be done again!).

Big Change #3

New Registration Platform and a chance to earn $MONEY$
 Sasquatch has teamed up with race roster for all of your registration needs. It's similar to or in it's ease of getting you registered but it also pays you to spread the word. When you share the race to Facebook (or wherever) you get paid for people signing up off of your post. Lets put this to the test, Sign up for the Sasquatch Scramble by clicking this link and I will tell you how much money this brings in when the event is over ;-).

All of these new changes are in addition to the free Pyramid Beer, free massage from Psoas Bodywork and great Tech Tees. I hate to beat a dead horse but the well known race organizer that I spoke of earlier gave out cotton shirts (chaffing machines) and they couldn't be bothered with a start/ finish line, post race food, finishers medals or anything for that matter. It was a very expensive and yet bare bones event that left me feeling totally ripped off. Sasquatch on the other hand is cheaper and offers more than almost any other event organizer out there. The major players in the trail racing business are changing or more accurately evolving while others seem to be devolving. If you haven't tried a Sasquatch race I highly recommend you show up and experience it for yourself.