Tuesday, January 6, 2015

2014 year end stats from DailyMile, MovesCount and Athlinks

 I recently got an email from Dailymile.com with my 2014 stats in it. I record almost all of my workouts and definitely all of my runs on DailyMile. I also use a Suunto Quest HRM and record my workouts on their MovesCount website. Also, for those who are unfamiliar, Athlinks.com is a website aggregator that tracks all of your races. Go there and type in your name to see your racing history. It's interesting. Here's what these sites say I did in 2014 and my comparison to 2013.

2013                                                               2014
DailyMile- 1566 miles                                   DailyMile- 1225
MovesCount- 1543 miles                               MovesCount- 1226

Total # of workouts

DailyMile- 230                                               DailyMile- 149
MovesCount- 296                                           MovesCount- 153

Lbs burned: DailyMile- 63                             DailyMile- 50
Calories burned: MC- 227,583                       MC- 173,371

 My conclusion is that I took it easy compared to 2013. I suppose that may have something to do with the birth of my son. I ran and cross trained a bit more in 2013 and started to dial it back in the early fall when my son was about 2 months old. I found that being a new parent took priority and it wasn't until the late spring of 2014 that I was finally able to ramp my mileage back up. The biggest area to suffer was my cross training. Notice in 2013 that I worked out 230 times according to DailyMile and 296 times according to MovesCount. The reason for the discrepancy is because MovesCount has a lot of cross training workouts that DailyMile does not know about. Now notice how the total workout numbers are much closer together in 2014; 149 vs 153. That tells me two things. First, I worked out a lot less in 2014 and I did mostly  running with about 4 cross training workouts thrown in.

A few more stats that I like to geek out on:

  • I worked out the equivalent of 210 days 31 hrs and 43 minutes in 2014
  • I averaged 23 miles per week
  • I averaged 102 miles per month
  • For the 3 months of summer (June, July & August) I averaged 150 miles each month
  • My largest mile months:
    • August 194 miles
    • September 190 miles
    • May 144 miles
    • July 143 miles
    • June 111 miles
  • I ran 16 races in 2014
    • (1) Marathon
    • (13) Half Marathons
    • (1) 10k
    • (1) 5k
  • I ran 11 races in 2013
    • (3) Ultra Marathons
    • (2) Marathons
    • (1) 35k
    • (4) Half Marathons
    • (1) 10k