Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Gear Review: B.O.B Revolution SE Running Stroller

 The B.O.B. is the bomb. No doubt about it and it better be considering the hefty price tag it comes with. A quick search on Google Shopping will tell you that of all the brands out there, B.O.B. (Britax owned) is the most expensive and this model in particular is one of the higher priced models in the B.O.B. lineup. Retailing for around $350 and buying the Handelbar Console, which is a must and the Infant Car Seat Adapter and the Snack Tray for when you stop using the Car Seat Adapter, all for another $100 + tax puts you pretty close to $500 out the door! When my wife and I were randomly talking to some other parents we remarked about how much we liked our B.O.B. and they replied almost simultaneously "ohhh yeah well thats the Cadillac of strollers though....." They are right. It is the Cadillac of all strollers and most parents could probably get by with a lower priced model but if you have the means or are as fortunate as I was to have generous parents I whole heartedly recommend this stroller.

The BOB handels tall grass. No problem.
  My wife and I use the BOB as our default stroller in almost all scenarios. That's saying something considering we own 4 strollers. We own a regular full size Graco model that worked in conjunction with our infant car seat so at first this was our go to choice. Once the baby was about 2 months old we got the BOB and then it became a toss up as to which one of these we would use or take with us. As time went by we used the BOB more and more and now the big Graco stroller just sits in the garage. During this time my wife wanted one of those Snap-N-Go strollers that are super basic infant car seat adaptor style strollers with the idea of them being super lightweight and convenient. The BOB is a bit cumbersome for my wife when compared to the ultra lightweight Snap-N-Go so in certain circumstances she would choose the latter but once we switched out of the infant car seat at 6 mos old the Snap-N-Go was useless. Now we have an umbrella stroller as our super basic light weight option and I have used it a grand total of once. My wife has choose the umbrella stroller in certain  scenarios but by in large the BOB is our default stroller. It is a work horse with a smooth ride.

Western Pacific 10k
I think the main feature that makes the BOB reign supreme is the large rubber tires that are air filled. These larger tires make uneven surfaces insignificant. I can roll over cracked sidewalks, curbs, driveway aprons, pot holes or even dirt roads and in certain situations, single track. Yep, 1 wrong turn in the Sunol Regional Wilderness and you end up on single track. Ooops. The BOB was fine for the 2 minutes I spent on super rough terrain. My wife and I ran the Western Pacific 10k which is mostly on dirt roads and the BOB was perfect. The air shocks in conjunction with the rubber tires kept the bouncing dampened and my son slept through a bunch of the race. The next time I was truly impressed was when I slid two fold up chairs under the BOB and transported them via the compartment down there. I also have a huge D ring called a mommy hook that latches onto the handelbar and holds the diaper bag and the toy bag. The canopy that basically covers the entire baby compartment had our lawn blanket on top. When we arrived at the park and spread out our blanket, set up our chairs, set out the toys, pulled the stroller up to the two chairs and fed the baby I knew we rocked.  Same goes for hanging shopping bags off that back handelbar and putting heavier bulkier items underneath in the cargo compartment. This thing is super handy.

At Callero Park with the infant car seat attached.
The BOB is easily operated with one hand. It turns on a dime. It is incredibly stable as I have never had it tip even a little on me no matter the terrain or the turns. Water bottles for both you and the baby are right at your fingertips and your cell phone too thanks to the handle bar console (purchase separately). I found the BOB to be a great way to get the baby to take his naps while I got in a good run. Hills are of course a little tougher now that your pushing a stroller up them but when you revisit that hill without the stroller you will crush it. That's a great side benefit to stroller running. If you want tech specs and all the sales data go visit the BOB website. For a thorough review from Baby Gizmo check out this video.