Sunday, August 17, 2014

September 2014 Trail Racing in the Bay Area.

Ever tried a night run???
September is the month for trail running with 21 races on the Bay Area trails. If you want to see some of the best runners in the bay doing the impossible check out the Headlands race on the 13th. That is a brutal course no matter which distance you choose but seriously the 100 mile racers are just out of this world. If you are looking for a mortal challenge I say try the Drag-N-Fly half marathon. It nearly killed me in 2012! Two night time runs and several charity runs are also available on the trails this month. Pick out a race and get out there while we still have warm weather.

September 1st- Zoom Point Pinole- Half, 10k, 5k
September 5th- Palo Alto Weekly's Moonlight Run- 10k, 5k
September 6th- TRAIL HOG- HALF MARATHON/10K/5K
September 6th- Hacienda Hills/ Almaden Quicksilver County Park/ New Almaden- Half Marathon, 10k, 5k
September 7th- Diablo Trail Run- 50k, Marathon, Half Marathon, 10mi, 4mi
September 7th- Annadel Loop- 7mi
September 7th- Golden Gate Park Open Cross Country (part of PAUSATF XC GP)- 4mi
September 13th- Headlands  100mi, 75mi, 50mi, Marathon
September 13th- Night Sweats Trail Marathon
September 13th- Dipsea Hike for Zero Breast Cancer- 6mi
September 13th- California Polish Run- 5k
September 14th- Lagoon Valley- 30k,Half Marathon, 10k, 5k, kids 1/2 mile
September 14th- Coastal Trail Challenge- 10k
September 14th- Title 9k (women only) - 9k
September 20th- DRAG-N-FLY HALF MARATHON/10K/5K
September 20th- Coastal 50k
September 20th- Fall Out of Summer 
September 27th- Berkeley Trail Adventure- 50k, 35k, Half Marathon, 10k
September 27th- Big Sur Trail Marathon, Half Marathon & 5mi
September 27th- Fall Showdown- Half Marathon, 5mi, 5k
September 28th- Montclaire 5k