Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Sasquatch Racing: The Bay Areas newest race event organizer is coming to Huddart Park.

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Sasquatch Racing, founded by Matt Forsman and Charles Lantz is the Bay Area's newest trail racing event organizer and they are coming to Huddart Park in Woodside on August 3rd with the Bobcat Blitz. I'm getting pumped to run this race because over the years I have run races in Huddart Park with Pacific Coast Trail Runs, Inside Trail Racing, Nor Cal, Envirosports, Coastal Trail Runs and probably a few others I'm forgetting. Everyone and their cousin puts on a race at Huddart because its a beautiful park with plenty of parking, playgrounds and picnic tables. Each company offers the 5k, 10k and Half distance and they all use a similar but slightly different route to get it done. The 13.1 that I will be running is most similar to Inside Trail Racings course with the only difference coming at the very end of the race.

 Both the Bobcat Blitz put on by Sasquatch Racing and the Woodside Ramble put on by ITR climb to the top of Huddart Park via Chaparal and Crystal Springs Trail. Both come back down via Chinaquapin and Dean Trail. The difference is that ITR returns to the finish on Crystal Springs trail which makes for a bit of a tough climb out and The Bobcat is getting to the finish the same way it left the start via Richards Rd and Bay Trail. I think the latter is the more difficult of the two because Richards Rd is a roller that can zap some of your remaining strength and then Bay Trail is an uphill climb that robs you of any strength you may have had in your legs. You can be sure to finish the Bobcat looking like death warmed over as you break from the tree line heading for the finish line near the picnic shelter.

I'm glad Sasquatch has added their own little twist to their Hudart races. It will be interesting to see how I fair on this course  compared to other halfs that I have recently run in Huddart. Back in March I ran Envirosport's half in 1:56:00 and last year in August I ran with Coastal Trail Runs and finished in 2:03:00. I would love to beat those times but my ultimate race at Huddart was in 2012 when I nailed a 1:47:22!!!! That is smokin' fast for me and I would love to top that race.