Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Save Mount Diablo: 40 Years Preserving, Defending and Restoring

This weekend is the Diablo Trails Challenge hosted by Brazen Racing. A portion of all entry fees collected will go to Save Mount Diablo to help them continue preserving open space and trails for all of us to enjoy. From the Save Mount Diablo website, "Since Save Mount Diablo's founding in 1971, preserved open space has increased from less than 7,000 acres to over 110,000 acres in more than 40 parks. Mount Diablo is still threatened by development. That could mean the loss of wildlife corridors, ecosystems and recreational opportunities. Your support will preserve these natural lands forever to safeguard our quality of life, including the quality of our air, water and views."  For more information on ways you can help click here.
See you at the race!