Sunday, January 5, 2014

End of the year stats for

 With 2013 now behind me I did some looking into my stats. I was surprised to end the year with 40,000+ visitors, this is after all quite a niche topic that is geared toward the Bay Area for the most part. Below is the breakdown of all the stats I could find.

Top 5 Articles read

This was a bit of a shocker to me. The ketogenic diet article was a bit of a surprise because it had slow and steady growth, sort of flying under the radar. I only started to notice it a few months back and from that I decided to make a full on nutrition page to help people sort out this confusing business of diet and nutrition. The big shocker was the Asics shoe review. I had no idea anyone gave a damn about Asics Trail shoes. Couple that with the fact that my write up on the product is less than flattering and you can see why it was a shocker to see this one in the top 5. The Lynch Canyon Part 2 is also a bit of a shocker because this is not nearly as big of a race as something like The Way Too Cool 50k. I'm happy this race is getting a lot of attention. It is a great race put on by a really great group of people.
  1. Fat for fuel, my ketogenic diet experiment while endurance training
  2. Thanksgiving themed runs in the Bay Area 2013
  3. Gear Review: Asics Gel Fuji Trainer 2
  4. Lynch Canyon Trail Run Part 2
  5. Gear Review: Salomon XR Crossmax

Top 5 Pages visited

No big surprises here. The trail racing calendars I put out monthly are very popular and I would imagine that is why the Trail Racing page is ranked #1. Routes has always been part of a google keyword search that has brought folks here as well. I'm a bit surprised at Gear Review beating out Training. I think I need to do more Gear Reviews and Routes and less Training Page updates if that's what the people want.
  1. Trail Racing- where to find all the trail racing around the Bay Area.
  2. Routes- Interesting trail run ideas that you can build off of.
  3. Parks & Maps- Every State, County and City Park worth running in and all of the Open Space Preserves & Golden Gate Rec lands. I guarantee you can find runnable land in here that you never knew existed.
  4. Gear Review- Real reviews of products I have used. It's not all technical jargon ripped from a website. I actually explain my point of view on products I have used. Their is even a small section of links for running stores I have shopped in the Bay Area.
  5. Training- This is a one stop shop for trail runners. It is targeted at the newer runners who may have just got started with either running or more specifically Trail Running. I have everything from basic running distances explained to links on proper running form and cross training articles. If you're a student of the game this page is helpful.

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  2. trail running bay area
  3. bay area map
  4. trail runs bay area 2013

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