Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Building your immune system during the cold & flu season

How to build the immune system!
I just came across this page at Ben Greenfield's website that had several leading authorities on health & nutrition giving their top reccomendations on "How to build your immune system during the cold & flu season" It is a quick and easy read with simple advice that we can all incorporate.

The expert advice comes from:
  • Dr Phil Maffetone
  • Nora Gedgaudas
  • Dr David Minkoff
  • Jimmy Moore
  • Roger Drummer
  • Dr Jeff Spencer
  • Dr Mark Sircus
  • Dr Toby Hallowitz
  • Dr Murdoc Khalegi
  • Dr Todd Schlapfer
  • Ben Greenfield
Check it out at http://www.bengreenfieldfitness.com/2014/01/natural-cold-and-flu-remedies/