Monday, October 21, 2013

November trail racing in the Bay Area for 2013

My new race calendar format has arrived. This is actually Cathryn's idea. She is the author of the blog  My Hearts Content. She suggested that I list the races by the weekend rather than by the company putting on the event. Why I didn't think of this is beyond me. People don't sign up for races solely based on who is holding the event.  This is the first month I have implemented her advice so think of what weekend day you have free, scan down the list until you get to that day and sign up for the race that sounds best to you.

Saturday, November 2nd
Sunday, November 3rd
Saturday, November 9th

Show your Bay Area trail running pride with gear from

Saturday, November 16th
Saturday, November 23rd
  • Run D' Amore- 50k, 50mi, 100k, 100mi- Harvey Bear Ranch Park, San Martin
Wednesday, November 27th
Thursday, November 28th
  • Zoom Turkey Trot- 5k, 10k, Half- Hellyer Park, San Jose
  • Nitro Turkey- 5k, 10k, Little Turkeys Race- Point Pinole Regional Shoreline, Pinole
  • Turkey Trail Trot- 5mi run, 3 mi walk, 100 meters kids run, Polo Fields- Golden Gate Park, San Francisco
Saturday, November 30th
  • Quarry Turkey- 5k, 10k, Half, Little Turkeys Race- Quarry Lakes Recreational Area, Fremont
  • Quad Dipsea- 28.4 miles- Mill Valley