Thursday, October 24, 2013

Gear Review: Newton MV2 from 2012

Original article written in 2012
    Newton MV2 from 2012
    Newton MV2- Pronounced MV Squared, these racing flats are a zero drop feather light shoe. The lightest shoe ever produced by Newton at 5.2 oz these really do feel like socks. The shoe still utilizes the trade mark "lugs" technology that is synonymous with Newton shoes. For those who aren't familiar, Newton shoes are all about midfoot/ forefoot striking and their shoes really do help promote a midfoot strike. The MV2 fits like a race shoe, very snug. If your looking for more of an everyday fit with a bit more room in the toe box I would buy a 1/2 size up. If you have never run in a zero drop shoe it is significantly different than even a 4mm drop. The extra stretching of the Achilles tendon takes some getting used to. To ease the transition Newton gives you a 2mm heel lift when you purchase these shoes so you can gradually step down to the zero drop. The barely there feeling of the racing sole is akin to the barefoot shoes I've tried. The one draw back for me are the lugs of the right shoe sometimes line up oddly under the pad of my foot and I develop a hot spot. The longest I've run in these is a half marathon and that's kind of pushing it with these shoes. There is just not much support in these shoes and that's okay because they are not meant to be an everyday trainer. They are meant for speed and they deliver. I hit my 5k PR in these shoes at :20:27. Not bad for an old man!