Monday, September 30, 2013

The very best trails in your opinion

As I surfed through the pages of mostly looking at race course information for my upcoming Tilden Park 35k I stumbled upon the Inside Trail Racing Team Member page. The purpose of this page is to introduce you to the team members so I started skimming through some of the bios and got caught up in comparing the answers to this question: What is your favorite Bay Area running trail?

Favorite Bay Area running trail:
"All Trails in the Marin Headlands"- Brenda Blinn

"Ohlone Wilderness trail I live 1 mile from the trail head and can run 32 miles out and only cross one road. It’s remote and that’s what I love about it"- Catra Corbett, Inside Trail Racing Team Member

"Woodside is the best Bay Area trails I have been on." - Luke Garten

"Marin Headlands. All of it!"- Liz Bernstein

"Anything on Mt. Diablo"- Aron Eichhorn

"Anywhere in the Marin Headlands or Woodside"- Sabine Gillert

"Marin"- Sam Hsu

"I love running in the Marin Headlands but I have to say, I absolutely love the Selby Trail at Tilden Park in Berkeley. It’s such a beautiful single track trail and can be quite the adventure after a good rain!"- Patty Osorio-O’Dea

"With recently moving here I can’t say really, I do like the Marin Headlands area."- Alyssa Jane Perry

"Any trail in Crockett Hills Regional Park and the Carquinez Regional Shoreline, just because they are in my backyard – but there are so many Bay Area trails that I love!"- Karen Peterson

"Rancho San Antonio and Huddart Park"- Donna Tam

Looking at these results I would say the Marin Headlands in the north and Huddart Park in the Penninsula are almost tied for the most popular. I would vote Huddart between those two. The trees are big and plentiful and the views are spectacular. I am surprised nobody mentioned Wunderlich Park or the Palo Alto Foothills Park. What's your opinion? Where are the best trails in the bay to run?