Sunday, September 8, 2013

Gear Review: Brooks Pure Cadence

Original article written 2012

Brooks Pure Cadence- Wanting to move away from a traditional shoe and move towards a barefoot style shoe I choose the Pure Cadence to help me make the transition. Not quite a barefoot shoe with it's 4mm heel to toe drop and super squishy midsole. This particular shoe in the Pure line of shoes is suppose to have just a touch of stability built into the sole. This worked well for me in moving towards a barefoot shoe. Everything about this shoe is completely different than any other shoe I have ever worn. The nav band across the mid foot really does lock this shoe down to your foot. The anatomical last (foot shaped toe box) really does give the perfect fit & feel through toe off. The connection to the road seems so much stronger in this shoe. Very similar to a race flat feeling with a bit of cushioning. This is a super breathable feather weight of a shoe coming in at a lean 9.5 oz.  This is one of my top shoes of all time. I cant think of one negative to say about this shoe. The price is right. The shoe feels great. I have almost 600 miles on mine and they seem fine. I'm looking forward to trying the winter 2012 Pure Drift.