Sunday, July 21, 2013

Western States 100 Mile Run 2012 & 2013, Champion Timothy Olson

2 X Western States Champ Timothy Olson is an amazing runner with an amazing back story. I could post videos all day long selling you on how "cool" this dude is but watch these two videos and pay attention to the finish line. He loves his wife and his family and for that alone he earns big credibility as not only a great runner but a great role model for us all! Enjoy the videos.

2012 was Timothy's first win. It was a bit of a surprise but the fact that he broke the course record was a major surprise. This sent shock waves through the ultra running community and launched his career into the stratosphere.

2013 was the 2nd hottest year ever recorded on the Western States Trail Run and the 2nd time Timothy crushed the competition. The ultra running community wondered if he could win it again and prove that 2012 was no fluke. He did and in an amazingly fast time given the 100+ degree  temps that day.

For those who are curious about his back story
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