Monday, June 10, 2013

Spirit of the marathon 2: One night only!

If you have clicked around the various pages of this blog, perhaps you have seen my media page. It's a collection of links and videos to the Internets best digital media. The first heading is "Full Length Running Movies" and the first link is "Spirit of the Marathon". This was done purposefully because that documentary was the movie that got me hooked on searching for and watching everything I could find on the net about running. That movie is powerfully motivating, recently made and FREE. The link will take you to but if you want the big screen TV experience then dial up Comcasts On Demand feature and search for it by title. They have been showing it for free for months now. I first saw this 2008 documentary in about 2010 and have watched it several times through. It was so compelling at that time, coupled with the fact that it was on the Internet for free, I thought there has got to be more out there in cyber space like it. There is, sort of. A whole list of movie links follow that link on my media page but none of those are as moving as "Spirit"  in my opinion.

 Imagine my delight when I found out the creator of the movie, Jon Dunham, was putting out a part 2! I've been counting down the days ever since and that day has nearly arrived. This Wednesday, June 12th for one night only at 7:00 pm the sequel will be shown in 600 theatres nation wide. At the movie's site, you can learn more about the film, where it is playing, and how to buy tickets. For those of us in the Bay we are blessed with many choices, Cupertino, Daly City, Danville, Emeryville, Fremont, Hayward, Milpitas, Mountain View, Napa, Redwood City, San Bruno, San Francisco, San Jose, San Mateo, Santa Cruz, Union City & Walnut Creek. It is everywhere!!! If you have the slightest inclination to go check this out, whether you are a runner or not, I highly encourage you to follow through with that inclination and go see this movie.  Part 2, similar to Part 1, follows seven runners from around the world as they journey to the starting line of the 2012 Rome Marathon. Spirit of the Marathon II weaves the compelling stories of each runner - the trials and the triumphs - that paved their road to Rome. The documentary also features insightful interviews with marathon greats such as Stefano Baldini, Paula Radcliffe, Frank Shorter, and many others, as they offer perspective and insight into this legendary race. In addition, immediately following the presentation, movie theater audiences will be treated to an exclusive featurette with never-before-seen interviews, deleted scenes and memorable outtakes from the filming of the documentary.

Tickets can be purchased from Fathom Events for $13.50 ($12.50 plus a $1.00 service fee). The process is easy. Go to the website, enter your zip code, click on the map of your desired theatre, click on the time you prefer to see it (7:00 pm is your only choice) and enter your gift card or credit card number and the deal is done. I will be at the Redwood City theatre and would love to see a packed house. The last time they debuted Spirit 1 on 460 screens and had about 100,000 viewers. That's 217 people per theatre so this should be exciting to see if Spirit 2 can top that!

See you at the theatre,