Monday, March 18, 2013

Upcoming trail races for the weekend of 3/23 & 3/24

Napa Trail Marathon is SOLD OUT
Three great races to choose from this weekend if your willing to travel just a bit. There are actually 4 races being held this weekend but only 3 to choose from because the Napa Trail race put on by Enviro-Sports is sold out. Every distance from 5k to 50k is available this weekend including a 9k and two 30k's, distance's that you dont see everyday. Thats spells instant PR! If you're willing to drive you can race on the Western States Trail or as I like to call it The Way Too Cool Trail. Whichever race you choose I'm sure you're you will have a great time as temperatures are suppose to be near 70 degrees.

23rd Annual Napa Valley Trail Marathon, Half Marathon & 10k- Saturday 23rd- Bothe-Napa Valley State Park- SOLD OUT

Canyon Meadow- Sunday 24th- Redwood Regional Park- Oakland- 50k, Marathon, 30k, Half Marathon, 5k- The course travels through beautiful Redwood Regional Park. Enjoy spectacular views along the East Ridge and West Ridge trails and wind through tall redwoods on the popular Stream and Bridle trails.

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Calero Reservation Trail Run- Saturday 23rd- Calero Resevoir- South San Jose- 50k, Marathon, Half Marathon, 9k- Calero has everything you would expect from a trail run in Santa Clara. The 9k is run on a fire road while the other distances are split about 60% fire road, 40% single track. Most of the run is on the exposed grassland hills though there are still miles of California Oak woodlands. There are beautiful views of the valley from Bald Peaks Trail. This is a hilly course and may be one of the toughest you've ever run.

Knickerbocker Canyon Trail Run- Sunday 24th- Auburn S.R.A.- Cool- 30k, Half Marathon, 10k- Runners will run on the historic Western States trail, out to No Hands Bridge and then tackle one of the toughest climbs in the area, and training grounds for top runners, the dreaded K2 training hill. The 10K will head back to the Finish area along the Olmstead Trail, while the Half and 30K tackle another tough, but fun, section… heading back down to the American River and back up the dam hill. The long series of switchbacks will bring you back to the Olmstead Loop, where Half runners will trudge to the finish. The 30K runners will do a bonus loop, traversing meadows, single track, and farmland rolling hills until you reach the finish at the Cool Firehouse.