Saturday, December 1, 2012

TNF 50 mile championship results here!!

Mad Props to Gary Gellin of Menlo Park... 9th place
Leigh Schmitt Of Santa Rosa... 18th place
Galen Burell of Mill Valley... 20th place

Miguel Heras wins the 2012 The North Face Endurance Challenge 50 Mile Championships. Photo: Powell.
6:40 pace for 50 miles in a terrible rain storm on muddy & slick trails over some really tough hills. Good Lord thats unimaginable strength and stamina.

Pictures of the race from out on the course can be seen at Salomon Racings Facebook Album.
Drymax Sock's Facebook Album

Some results I saw had Sage Canaday in the lead early on. Fourth place Adam Campbell tweeted that Sage was running strong on a particularly slippery uphill section and then you look at the results pages and he is nowhere on them. What happened? Just found a tweet from that says "Hey all, Sage Canaday is fine. Took a ton of falls in make up laps. Walked three miles into Mile 41 AS and dropped". That was my assumption, unfortunately. Rickey Gates is the other name that was in the top 20 and nowhere to be found now. I dont know that story yet but will post it when I find it.