Friday, November 9, 2012

The 2012 USATF Trail Marathon National Championship

  Kerri Lyons
2012 Women's Marathon Trail Champion
Cody Moat
2012 Men's Marathon Trail Champion
The 2012 USATF Trail Marathon National Championship took place last Saturday on Nov 3rd in Moab, Utah. The results webpage has one glaring fact that stood out to me like a turd in a punch bowl. None of the top male, female or age groupers were from California. What was not a surprise was that most of the top competitors were from Colorado. Just like the Kenyans & Ethiopians that dominate the road race world the good folks of Colorado dominate the trail racing scene.

 Not much to report on here but if your looking for a good read Trail Runner Magazine did an excellent job recapping this race in their article "Moab Trail Marathon Makes for a Rough but Rewarding National Championship". Photos of the race are reported to be available soon. Until then here is a sneak peak from Hunter Imagery.

The top 5 female finishers were:
              1. Kerri Lyons
              2. Megan Kimmel
              3. Michele Suszek
              4. Melody Fairchild
              5. Stephanie Howe (click for her race review)
The top 5 male finishers were:
              1. Cody Moat
              2. Justin Ricks
              3. Jason Bryant
              4. Kalib Wilkinson
              5. Ryan Bak
See you in the woods,