Wednesday, November 14, 2012

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Now that daylight savings and nature have teamed up to shorten our daylight I find it difficult to get out in the woods during the week. The colder, rainier weather doesn't help either but they alone won't stop me after days and days of no trails. My craving for the solace trail running brings me will win in the end. Dark is the only thing I try hard to avoid running through. I fear the Mountain Lions and me falling, injuring myself and being easy prey for the hungry cat. I don't yet NEED to get back out on the trails as I just completed a 50k on Sunday. You, on the other hand, may be hoping for a load of great races to choose from this weekend to satisfy your craving for the trails. I am afraid this is not the weekend for you. is putting on a race here in the bay area. All the other usual suspects are holding events down by Malibu and Los Osos.

China Camp Trail Run - San Rafael- 5k, 10k, Half Marathon- Once a thriving village of Chinese settlement subsisting off shrimp fishing, China Camp is now a state park popular with boaters, hikers, and mountain bikers. An extensive trail network with views of Mt. Tam, San Pablo Bay, and San Francisco Bay will greet you as you traverse beautiful single track trails climbing up and over the peak and winding along thick forests until descending again to open trails on the San Pablo Bay side of the park.

The Quad Dipsea is next weekend the 24th and The North Face Endurance Challenge Championship is the following weekend. Perhaps you can run one of those to calm your trail twitch. As for this weekend, I can forgo trail running as its suppose to start raining late Thursday and not stop until Tuesday. If your the hardcore type who loves getting out in the elements check out the China Camp run. For the rest of you, I will see you in the gym!


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