Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fall colors & trail running videos.

That's one thing we don't have in dramatic fashion on the west coast, forests full of trees in a mix of vibrant colors. We have tons of yellow oak leaves piling up on our trails that's for sure. I spent over 4 hours out on the mid-peninsula trails today and saw leaves thickly hiding the trails underneath but that's a far cry from the mid-west and east coast color explosions.

For those of you who do not know, I am a native son of Michigan. A place with dynamic fall colors, the smell of wood burning in a fireplace and somehow the taste of warm apple cider lingers in your mouth. My brothers are back there stompin the trails in crisp morning air that matches the lightly frosted everything at dawn. They recently made this video, one of many, that makes me both homesick and hungry for more fall trail running videos. While you take a moment to watch this video, Im going to go find some more videos of fall trail running!

It's tough to find videos of trail running that have brilliant fall foliage but i did manage to find this video thats only about a month old and was shot in the park I just ran in, Huddart Park near Woodside, Ca. Check it out, this is what my back yard looks like this time of year. 
This guy had the right idea and the video was just put out on the net this month. Beautiful shots of the fall colors but one thing is missing, a trail. Without a trail there can be no run which means no video of killer trail running! The title of this video is a bit misleading.

Take a look at my newest page Web Media. It has tons of trail running videos.If you have a video that can scratch my itch for sweet fall colors send it my way or comment a link below. Bonus Karma for you if it has some trail running in it.
See you in the woods,